Are there such things as underwater civilizations?



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    Recent archeological finds off the coast of Japan are believed to be the structures of an advanced civilization, built approximately 11,000 years ago. This site is known as Yonaguni. Sea levels were over one hundred feet lower then, and rising oceans buried evidence of the ancient builders. The legend of Atlantis may be more than myth as well, though researchers think the ancient Greek city of Helike–perhaps the real Atlantis–was buried in a terrible earthquake and tidal wave, rather than having sunk to the ocean floor.

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    Atlantis, the first and most famous underwater civilization was initially used by Plato as a metaphor. Somewhere down the line, people took the metaphor as reality. Now there are many conspiracy theorists trying to prove some cover up, but really, it was just a metaphor the whole time.
    In addition, the ocean floor is already barely navigable using our current technologies and is extremely unstable. Living there would be a poor choice.

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