Are there still a lot of products made from BPA?



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    Most products containing BPA have already been identified, and manufacturers are working to change how those products are being manufactured. 

    In the past, BPA has been found in canned foods (BPA leaches from the metal liner of the can into the food), which includes baby formula; plastics labeled #7; and some metal water bottles.  When in doubt, check the manufacturer’s website or the Internet for information concerning a specific plastic product. 

    BPA also appears on receipts because it is part of the chemical that helps the ink stick to the paper.  Most receipts still contain BPA. 

    Many products have “BPA free” labels to let you know they are safe.  However, it is possible we will find that there are dangerous chemicals in those plastics as well.

    To be safe, use glass, ceramic, and porcelain when possible for holding and storing food.

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