Are there standards for house cleaning products?



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    Many household cleaning products like to claim that they are natural, but last year the Natural Products Association came out with a set of standards that would allow household products to get a seal certifying them as natural. To meet these standards, household cleaning products must be: 95% of the ingredients in the product, excluding water, must be derived from natural sources. Non-natural ingredients should be used only when alternative natural ingredients are unavailable. The product should contain no ingredients with suspected human health risks.

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    Green Seal also provides sustainability standards for products, services, and companies. The Green Seal Environmental Standard for Household Cleaning Products (GS-8)establishes environmental, health, and product performance requirements for general-purpose, bathroom, glass, and carpet cleaners marketed for use in households or other residential settings. For more information and to look at the requirements in full detail, you can check out:

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    Generally consumers want one hundred percent confidence that their cleaning service is trustworthy, since they’re entering the home and contacting their possessions. But if a company is guilty of green washing, it is often an indication of a broader lack of integrity.

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