Are there solar powered irons?



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    The idea was suggested in a 2008 article posted in the new scientist, but little seems to have come from the idea. I imagine its only a matter of time.

    I hope this helped!

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    No reason why not, Put your solar panels on the roof and plug the iron in like any other appliance. As to whether it is economical or practical is another question.

    My home has sever old flatirons, which we now use as doorstops. But at one time, they were used to “recycle” heat coming off the oven or stove, which was then soted inthe heavy iron until it was used to press clothes.

    Rather than use solar photvoltaic to power an electric iron, it might make more sense to use the old flatiron idea. Set up some kind of collector/reflector to focus onthe flatirons until they get hot, just as you  would with passive solar hot water. Then use them to iron with until they cool off and return them to heat up again, like you would with any other “stove”.

    But who wants to spend a nice sunny day ironing? Thats what we have wrinkle free clothing for, anyway.

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