Are there several types of shellfish that produce pearls?



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    Good question, marieB.  Yes, there are different types of shellfish that produce pearls, and as you may then expect, different types of pearls.  The main distinction seems to be between saltwater or freshwater shellfish, and there are different types of each.  Aside from the white pearls that we may be familiar with, other naturally occurring colors include pink, peach, mauve, cream and light gray.  Shellfish in Tahitian waters actually create black pearls.

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    Yes, there are several different species of bivalve mollusks that produce jewelry-grade pearls. That includes the family Margaritiferidae, that contains freshwater pearl mussels species. Saltwater pearl oysters belong to families Unionidae and Margaritiferidae, although not every species there produces valuable pearls. Almost any shelled mollusk can actually produce some kind of pearl, but only the above ones produce them spherical and iridescent (nacreous) so they have value as jewelry.

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