are there sea snakes in the Atlantic Ocean?



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    Nope.  It is believed that the cold currents off western South America and Namibia in Africa keep sea snakes from crossing into the Atlantic Ocean.  There is some speculation as to whether they will indeed enter the Atlantic if Climate Change warms these currents enough.

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    Sea snakes live in the Pacific Ocean and visit the coasts of Panama. Some people rumor that the Panama Canal has lochs in it not only to help move the boats between the different water levels, but also to keep the sea snakes out of the Atlantic Ocean. The tourism business in the Carribean Islands say they would prefer to not have the snake swimming up to their shores. The snake is very venomous, but seldom comes in contact with humans. Regardless of if the rumor is true, the lochs likely have slowed the movement of the snake through the Panama Canal.

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