Are there schools using e-readers for all of their text books yet?



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    Currently, there are no schools that are using e-readers for all their textbooks, but that doesn’t mean the change could not be happening soon. Cushing Academy, a prep school near Boston has began to replace their books with e-readers.

    Instead of the 20,000 books the school currently has, the students of Cushing Academy will have 18 e-readers at their disposal. The learning centre – the replacement for what was once the school’s library – will also have three large TVs, a coffee shop, and laptop-friendly booths. The cost of this makeover will be nearly $500,000, but the folks at Cushing think it’ll be worth it. “Instead of a traditional library with 20,000 books, we’re building a virtual library where students will have access to millions of books,’’ says James Tracy, headmaster of Cushing.

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    The textbook revolution is just beginning in individual schools across the country. Clearwater High School in Florida is planning on outfitting their entire student body with as-yet unspecified e-readers (though the administration appears to be leaning towards Kindles) loaded with digital copies of their textbooks.

    The school is hoping that this will prove in the best interest of the school economically, environmentally, and psychologically (by appealing to youth interest in electronics as a way to stimulate study).

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