Are there schools that provide e-reading devices to students to replace books?



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    I don’t think so; there was a trial run done at a university, but the students were so underwhelmed by the the Kindle that the university ended up not implementing them. Since the Kindle is rather slow when one is trying to look through it, and difficult to really make notes on/with (I know, I’ve used one), it’s that helpful for students who are trying to learn. At this point, I can’t see it being a good replacement for a tangible book.

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    Yes.  The University of Washington’s Computer Science and Engineering Department is providing Kindle e-readers to all of their grad students.  This is part of the Kindle DX Pilot program that the UW and seven other colleges are participating in.  Princeton, Arizona State University, Reed College, Pace University, University of Virginia, and Case Western Reserve University. The program began in 2009, and continues to be reviewed.  

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