Are there schools that don’t like children riding to school?



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    Some schools, particularly in the suburbs, go so far as to prohibit students from bringing bikes to school (mine was one of them). This is disappointing for many students who live within safe biking distance of their school. One reason is that school officials don’t want to be liable for bike accidents on school grounds, particularly with lots of buses and cars around. Students with bikes can also be a distraction to other kids.

    Prohibiting bike riding does make a small environmental impact because some students may require to be driven by parents, or to drive themselves, if they live too far away to walk and cannot take a bus (like if they need to arrive early or stay late for school activities). But due to safety concerns, this is not enough of a reason for school officials to raise the ban on bikes.

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    In fact, there was just an incident in Saratoga Springs, NY where a mother was reprimanded for allowing her son to ride to school, even though she rode with him. They said it was a matter of safety and confiscated the boy’s bike. The article is attached below.

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