Are there really pencils made out of recycled blue jeans?



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    Sometimes I come across a question and say, “Wow, I have no idea. But I want to know, so I’m going to go look this one up!” And this was one of those questions, and apparently the answer to it is a resounding YES! here’s the first search result if you type into google “pencils made from blue jeans”: from

    Recycled Denim Pencils : TreeHugger


    “In our brave new world, sometimes pants becomes writing implements. These pencils don’t consist of any wood. Instead they are made out of 20-33% recycled blue denin jeans that have been ground up. The rest is the recycled post-consumer paper. To complete the blue theme, they have a blue eraser and a pewter blue ferrule. For something…greener, you can also get pencils made out of “old money” or recycled U.S. dollar bills. A pack of 12 costs $6.

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    Green Earth Office Supply carries pencils made out of recycled blue jeans. Each of the pencils are made out of a minimum of 20% reclaimed blue jeans. This is a really great green products because the blue jeans do not end up in the landfill. Also, less wood is used to create the pencils.

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