Are there protection programs in place for the polar bear and other arctic animals?



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    Yes. As a “threatened species,” polar bears are protected from hunting and habitat encroachment in the United States. In addition, Canada and Greenland recently signed and agreement to protect the 15,000 polar bears that roam between Nunavut territory and Greenland. However, little is being done to help preserve the ice-floes in the Arctic, without which polar bears cannot survive. It is estimated that there will be no more ice floes by 2040, and, when that happens, polar bears will have no place to live.

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    Both the World Wildlife Federation (citation 1) and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (citation 2) are actively working to protect the polar bear. The WWF has five active missions that support the polar bear, including the research of climate change’s effect on polar bear habitats. The F&WS is working to ensure that the polar bear receives protection under the Endangered Species Act.

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