Are there positive health effects of eating organic food?



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    Oh yes, there are multiple reasons why organic living is healthy for you.

    • Organic food has more nutrients than non-organic foods.  Non-organic produce is usually altered so that it swells with water to grow larger, while organic foods grow more dense, with more nutrients packed per ounce. 
    • Organic food has less pesticide residues.  Everyone knows that pesticide residues are toxic and wreak havoc on the environment.
    • Organic food has no additives for coloring, sweetening, etc.  This is important in increasing the developmental growth of children, which studies have proven that inorganic produce can negatively affect.
    • Tests and studies have shown that people who eat organic are less likely to devleop minor sickness like the cold, and are more likely to resist sprains, have clear skin, and better dental health.
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    Many!  The primary difference is that the food has less pesticides that are likely to make you sick.  However, the benefits are even greater.  More care has been put into growing organic food, meaning that the health benefits are greater because of that attention.

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    I hate to rain on the parade here, but the jury is still out on this question. If you look for unbiased research and reporting, (that is, not a site or organization advocating organic foods!) you’ll find otherwise. The Food Standards Agency of the UK has undertaken studies that now reflect that there is no health benefit to eating organic foods.

    It is true, however, that this study didn’t look at pesticide or fungicide residues. However, conventional produce is subjected to testing to ensure that any residues present are not enough to inflict harm.

    Now, in my personal opinion, organic has about as much meaning as the word “natural” when it comes to marketing and the food industry. Organic farms can still use pesticides, herbicides and fungicides…the only difference is that they have to be “naturally-occuring.” Let’s look at copper sulfate, a common fungicide used widely in the organic industry. Copper sulfate is a “natural” fungicide, but it has the potential to cause brain, stomach, kidney, and liver damage. It is highly irritating to both the gastrointestinal tract and skin. Yeah, really healthy!

    What’s important to me, in terms of food safety, is knowing not what kind of silly certification the food you’re buying and eating has received, but the actual methods that were specifically used to raise it. Buying local allows you to have conversations with the people who have created this food you are eating. Discuss what chemicals they are using. If they say “all-natural” controls, do not be afraid to ask for more details! Don’t be afraid to actively advocate for your own health–don’t just trust a label.

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    Listeriosis is an illness caused by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes

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    Tens of similar researches have been carried out and these do not prove that organic food tastes better or is safer but still there is data that organic foods have 57% higher levels of nutritional value compared to conventional products. Exceptional in this respect is a relatively new research made in the University of Newcastle that shows that organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants compared to normal ones.

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      I don’t know who is paying for those studies or tasting the fruit, but that is wrong. I’ve taste tested PLENTY of organic VS conventional produce and prepared foods and can tell you that organic tastes WAY better. A conventionally grown strawberry tastes like water or nothing. An organic strawberry tastes like candy (or what candy tries to mimic).

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    Of course! The point of eating organic food is so that you don’t put unhealthy things in your body, like pesticides/insecticides/herbicides, that are found in non-organic foods. Eating organic is primarily a health decision rather than a political decision. It has become political because more and more people are demanding healthier foods for their bodies. Organic food is much healthier! Plus, studies show that farming using organic methods retains more nutrients in the plants than the monoculture farming practiced on non-organic farms.

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