Are there portable wind energy generators?



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    Yes.  Portable wind generators can produce about 3000kw of power and are used, typically, to power cabins and mobile homes.  Construction companies often use portable generators when working in remote locations away from other power sources.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a remote wind generator, consider the cost as well as wind availability and energy needs.  A friend of mine purchased a wind generator after forgetting to pay his electric bill for a few months.  He said it worked well, but installation and maintenance were difficult, and neighbors tended to be bothered by the noise.  He eventually paid his bill and sold the generator on ebay.

  2. 0 Votes   <— in addition the horizontal version is unlimited in widths and power The vertical protypical shown on you Tube can be miniturized too.Its ground level ability is unmatched to collect energy by simply diverting wind at it. the 1000x s more powerful Hydro versions would also allow marine life to be diverted threw its open side unharmed.

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    Yes, there are portable wind generators that you can use for your home. The link below is an example of one. It has battery chargers and can replace your energy needs without the cost and noise from generators. They are convenient for power outages and while the initial cost of installation may be costly, you end up saving more in energy in the long-run.

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