Are there places where it has rained more than ever before?



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    The greatest yearly rainfall ever recorded since 1851 was between August of 1860 and July of 1861 in Cherrapunji, India. This monsoonal rainfall dropped about 26.47m or 1042.0″. The largest hourly rainfall since recorded since the 40’s was in Holt, Montana and was 305mm or 12″.

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    There are some places where recent record rainfalls have occurred as well. In 2009, Seattle saw a record rainfall day on January 7 when 2.29 inches fell. New York City had some record setting rainfall days this June, such a record 2.26 inches that fell on June 18 during the U.S. Open. These may be isolated incidences, however, and are not necessarily indications of a longer trend.

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