Are there places in America where people have to walk a lot to get to their water/



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    None that I can find. If there are any places like that, people probably purchase their water several gallons at a time and drive it home. Americans in general are very well-off and when they do need to walk to get water, they are most likely backpacking on vacation and have carefully planned their water stops. In general, people tend to develop areas near a source of water. I have worked a two scout camps that used filtered lake water for everything. Actually, the year that I worked at the one in Texas (2007) was the first year that they got connected to the municipal water supply, but I have spent many summers as a camper drinking their filtered lake water.

    To the best of my knowledge, the one in California still uses filtered lake water. I worked there in 2008 and 2009. One week, the pump to the water filtration system broke and the administration trucked in lots of bottled water from the town four miles away. So, due to the fact that most Americans have access to motorized transportation or live near a source of water, I doubt that any of them walk for any more than an hour each day to find water.

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