Are there other networks like Rentalic out there?



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    Rentalic is a website made by a company based in Silicon Valley.  They enable person-to-person renting of pretty much any household item in an effort to build up a community and for people to operate in a greener fashion.  Say you need a lawn mower.  Why go buy a brand new one when you could rent one from a nearby neighbor just when you need it?  Its more cost effective for you, your neighbor, and no new product needs to be made! Rentoid is another one.  I’m not sure which one came first, but Rentalic looks much more user friendly, developed, and focused on being GREEN.

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    Hi I’m the CEO of and we have been around since 2007.

    Our site is all about hiring in what you need and hiring out what you have.

    We all have things we don’t use very often, by sharing resources in this way can we can increase the value of the things we own, reconnect with our community, reduce our impact on the environment as well as making and saving money. 

    We are trialling a connecting communities programme that helps schools charities and community groups raise funds with us.

    The more people connecting and sharing the less ‘things’ ending up in the waste stream with barely being used.  Reusing things not only delays them becoming  waste but saves all the energy and raw materials that would have gone into manufacturing something new and the emissions that would have been generated in the process

    Sharing resources is a socially responsible choice that will have significant impact on the world we leave our children. Small changes by lots of people make a big difference.


    Iona Elwood-Smith



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