Are there other food manufacturers than Sunchips who are packaging their products in compostable materials?



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    Stash, a tea company in Oregon, uses recycled paper or trees from managed forests in their packaging.

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    The material in Sunchips bags is made from Ingeo, which are tiny beads made from the starch in corn.  ConAgra Foods Inc uses Ingeo in some of its shrink films and labels on tubs of margarine (such as Fleischmann’s, Blue Bonnet and Parkay). Reddi-wip dessert topping containers and PAM cooking spray also use Ingeo labels.

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    Yes, definitely. Sunchips is probably the largest company to start using compostable packaging, but many others have taken steps forward, including:

    Quiznos – Uses compostable paper cups and has made much of their packaging more eco-friendly.

    New Belgium Brewery – Uses compostable cold cups for beer at events where composting is accessible and recycled cups at other event.

    Burgerville – Uses compostable cold cups for beverages.

    There are also a wide variety of small businesses (restaurants, cafes, etc) that use compostables all across the country.

    See citation links for full details.

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    Many individual companies do, such as those listed above! In addition, there are many wholesale firms through which smaller retail stores can sell/buy products which are very eco-friendly.  For example, I worked at a coffee shop which was able to offer biodegradable cups, lids, and eating-ware, as well as using many biodegradable products for cleaning, preparation, etc.  

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