Are there other areas of the world where climate change is causing human migration?



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    It seems as though certain areas of the North Pole are no longer inhabitable due to melting. However, people largely didn’t live in these areas, and those who did and did so occasionally (peoples who live in extremely northern regions are often, traditionally, migratory).

    Desertification in Africa is driving people away from certain areas, but desertification is not caused by one single thing. Environmental factors might be at play, but it is largely due to unsustainable agriculture practices.

    Most of the studies and speculation about climate change-related migration focus solely on future scenarios, when climate change has started to ruin areas of the world in earnest.

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    As mentioned above, climate change is a topic that often is a point of speculation for the future. One possible future scenario we could encounter is the threat of rising sea levels. This being the case, if we continue to see increases warming, then small island communities will be the most susceptible to risng sea levels and the people in these communities will have to migrate. 

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