Are there organic perfumes and colognes?



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    Sure there are!
    Ezine @rticles note that many companies that deliver the best quality of organic products available, some in which include: Burt’s Bees, Nantucket Natural Oils, NHR organic oils and Aubrey Organic Angelica eau de parfum (

    For a more indepth peek into organic perfumes and colognes, see:

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    Yes, there are. If you’d like to stay away from the synthetic chemicals in many perfumes, essential oils may be the way to go. Essential oils are extracted straight from their source and contain no other additives. They’re added to many cosmetics and beauty products to add a pleasant scent. Plus, they have the added benefit of a bit of aromatherapy. If you want a more complex scent though, the first citation below contains a list of organic perfumeries as well.

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    Yes there are. Organic fragrances are a good alternative to the traditional perfumes that are out in the market which contain various chemicals that are not only potentially damaging to the environment but can aggravate allergies as well. These organic fragrances are made out of natural oils, herbs, and spices that create a unique scents. You’d be surprised to find that some of your favorite brands may be producing them. A wide selection of organic/natural fragrances can be found here:

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    It is a good idea to use organic perfume because it can be hard to determine what kind of chemicals are in perfume. Miessence organic botanical perfumes are certified organic. They are hand blended and and only use natural extracts from botanicals to create the fragrance. These perfumes do not cause asthma attacks and trigger allergies the same way that normal perfume might.

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