Are there organic lip sticks?



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    There are many options on the market. Some are hemp-based and come in just as many colors as regular lipstick. The hemp also adds additional moisture to your lips. I would favor these over other organic lipsticks made with beeswax because of the growing disappearance of bees. Links to a couple of lipstick sites have been provided.

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    NVEY ECO is an award-winning organic lipstick on the market.

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    Yes, there are several options. One brand is Afterglow Cosmetics. It is called Organic Lip Love Lipstick. All of the ingredients are completely natural. There aren’t any parabens, nanos, bismuth, oxychloride, gluten, or talc.

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    Yes! Look for the brands by Torte, Korres, and Bare Escentuals (by Sephora). Also you can try the tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bees, although not a lipstick, it is tinted and gives you color as well as acts as a chapstick and hydrates your lips.

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