Are there organic cotton clothing companies?



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    Yes, in fact in the past decade there has been a huge increase in organic cotton companies due to the greater consumer demand for organic and sustainable products. Rather than list the hundreds of companies, I have linked a google search for “organic cotton companies” for you to take a look at.

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    Yes, the Eco Mall link below has a list of companies that sell organic cotton clothing, check the list out. Other cool companies not included in the list are Patagonia and moreTrees Clothing Company.

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      Are there any physical eco malls or are they all online?

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      From my own knowledge and research, there does not appear to be any physical mall dedicated solely to eco-products in the United States. Malls and shopping centers are beginning to introduce more eco-stores though. You would have to check with your individual city and state to find where the eco-friendly stores are located, they’re out there but they might require some investigation! Some of the online eco-companies do have stores located in various cities, visit such websites to see if one is located near you.

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