Are there organic candies?



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    Yes! There are a number of organic candies. There are quite a few different brands of gummy candies. Annie’s Organics has bunny fruit snacks, Let’s Do Organics has gummies, as does Surf Sweets and Candy Tree. There’s lots of chocolate as well, including Sunspire and Equal Exchange. A lot of this stuff can be found at a natural foods store–the one near me in Boston carries a fair amount.

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    Definately! Check out Yummy Earth, they actually handcraft 22 delicious flavors with real fruit juice extracts. What’s more is that for food coloring they use organic black carrots and organic pumpkins. No harmful or sythentic dyes here. You can buy sour gummy bears/worms, lollipops, jelly beans, vitamin c pops and much more (hey you can even buy in bulk). I hope my answer helped and keep up the good work in buying organic.

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