Are there organic cake mixes?



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    Yes. You can find them in the organic section of your local grocery store.

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    Yes, there are many different companies that sell organic cake mixes. They are often found in the organics section of a supermarket or in the baking area. If you are looking for a company that sells organic cake mix, one company is Dr.Oetker. They sell organic vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and marble cake mixes. They use organic ingredients free of GMOs, chemical processing, harsh pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. They also sell their products online at, look for their organic products line.

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    Arrowhead Mills makes a great organic chocolate cake mix which has all natural ingredients and tastes delish too.  The recipe calls for flexible ingredients which means that you can easily substitue in your own additions or subtractions like applesauce or soy milk and the flavor of the cake will stay relatively the same.  The mix can be found in most natural grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Sprouts/Henry’s (on the West Coast).  Ask your grocer if you can’t find it. 

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