Are there organic breads?



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    There are many brands that boast certified organic bread, which means that all their ingredients meet federal organic standards. This means that no synthethic chemicals such as pesticides are used, there is no genetic engineering involved, the fields are managed to maintain diversity and soil health, and there are periodic inspections by a third party. Organic practices include using organic fertilizer like manure, maintaining a wildlife area nearby for natural pest control, and finding chemical-free ways of killing pests.

    Some brands to check out that feature organic bread are Farrel Family Organic Bread, Diamond Organics, and Food For Life. It is worth checking in the grocery store to see what breads claim to be organic, and then doing a little research to see what they mean.

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    There are many, many organic breads.  Pretty much anything sold at a health food store is organic.  Look at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  A few brands I can think of off the top of my head that sell organic bread are Food For Life/Ezekiel 4:6 (usually frozen), Rudi’s Organic Bakery and Diamond Organics.

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    Yes there are many options when it comes to organic bread. You can also make you own, just use organic ingredients. Most bread is very simple to make, the main ingredient is yeast and this is available organically. Most bread also requires water, you can decide on your own if you prefer bottled or tap water (I use tap, I think its fine, and less wasteful) 

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