Are there organic baby formulas?



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    Yep. A few companies that make organic baby formula are: Baby’s Only from Nature’s One, Earth’s Best, and Similac Organic.

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    Baby’s Only Organic® dairy formula was introduced more than a decade ago as the very first organic formula on the U.S. market.

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    Inhabitots has created a guide for choosing the right organic formula for your baby. They advise making sure the formula you are buying is USDA certified organic because there are several meanings for organic, some of which are not certified. Also, read the ingredients so that you are sure there is nothing in the formula that you are not expecting. The brands they recommend include Parent’s Choice, Bright Beginnings, Earth’s Best, and Baby’s Only.

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    Yup there is! Like the previous answers have stated, baby formulas like Nature’s One, Earth’s Best, and Parent’s Choice. The latter, Parent’s Choice, is made with organic milk contains minerals, vitamins, and nutrient needed for development. It’s certfied organic with the USDA meets the National Organic Program (NOS).

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