Are there only two holes in the ozone layer?



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    There is only one hole in the ozone, the Antarctic hole, which changes in size and shape each year.

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    You’re right about the Antarctic region having greater ozone depletion however, an ozone hole is a bit of a misnomer.  There has been roughly a 4% per decade decline in ozone levels globally over the past 40 years. In addition there is also a similar as an annual tropospheric ozone deletion event over the Antarctic region of the earth. 

    Due to intense cooling over the Antarctic in the winter time, a halt of the circulation of super-colded Antarctic air, and inert halide salt ions, ozone levels over the Antarctic are almost completely depleted during the winter months.

    After the passing of winter, the Antartic air begins to circulate with the rest of the tropospere via trade winds. Ozone depletion is omnipresent in the atmosphere , however, during the winter in Antarctica, it happens at a higher rate.    

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