Are there natural and organic restaurants in France?



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    Because the vegetarian/organic movement is just starting to gain popularity in France, there are some restaurants that cater to those tastes.  In Provence, for example, many places already have vegetarian and fresh items on their menu.  Restaurant Terre de Saveur in Avignon is ranked as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country and might be worth a little traveling to get a taste. 



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    Oui! France has many natural and organic restaurants in various places throughout the country. If you’re in Paris, you can dine at Crudus on the Rue Saint-Roch, or perhaps Kloog Cafe, which serves organic eggs, goat cheese and curried quinoa. In Lyon you can go to the Auberge de l’Abbaye, which has received rave reviews, or the Place Des Sens which serves traditional French cuisine. In the Loire Valley you could dine at the Chateau de Marcay in Chinon. With as renowned as they are with cookery, you can count on the French to embrace the growing trend toward organic cuisine. The link I’m posting below contains a database of organic and natural restaurants in France. Bon appetit!

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