Are there motherboards that use less energy to run?



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    The best way to reduce motherboard power consumption is to limit the number of electrical components. It takes energy to operate motherboard components—FireWire controllers, voltage regulators, memory module—and each one increases system power consumption in two ways: (1) it takes energy to operate these components and (2) their use contributes to the total absolute power loss of your power supply.

    Motherboard makers offset some of their products’ power consumption by dynamically switching voltage regulators on and off: relying on all six to 12 voltage regulators for processing provides more reliable power under high currents, while using only one or two voltage regulators reduces power requirements during idle periods.

    Link to the following article to read about the efficiency of several motherboards and determine which ones provides the best mix of performance and power savings in typical desktop/office environments:,2067.html

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