Are there crops that most farmers wont grow because they don’t make enough money?



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    Not really. The way markets work is that supply and demand always intersect at some point where producers are willing to produce a particular number of a good (say carrots) for a particular price. If farmers aren’t making money selling carrots because the market price is too low, they’ll reduce production, pushing up the price. With less carrots in supply, only those people that really like carrots with buy them at the higher price and the people that are indifferent will switch to something else. The market keeps everything in balance. 🙂

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    I tend to disagree with Ziapan. There are crops that are certainly favored over others because of subsidy and technology and the farmers are ultimately hurt by it. Corn, for instance, is highly subsidized so it is seemingly more profitable for farmers to grow it. They get paid by how much they produce (obviously) so the incentive is to grow as much as possible in as small of a space as possible. That means farmers will grow exclusively corn and crowd as much on as small a piece of land as possible. We have a surplus of corn being grown because it’s subsidized and because of that, farmers tax the land, don’t rotate crops, and we have corn in mostly everything we eat, which is not always in our personal health’s best interest.

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