Are there more species of animals in Madagascar or the Galapagos islands?



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    The Galapagos Islands has much fewer species, probably due to much larger distance from mainland and much smaller island size.

    Galapagos has a tortoise, marine iguana, land iguanas, lava lizards, geckos, snakes, 58 species of sea- and landbirds, marine mammals, and two species of mice.

    Madagascar, on the other hand, has 99 species and subspecies of lemurs, 30 species of otter shrews, 14 species of rodents, 30 species of bats, several reptiles (chameleons, day geckos, turtles), about 138 species of birds, 247 species of frogs, and a few carnivores (fossa, fanaloka, a civet, and 5 mongooses).

    Although these lists don’t include invertebrate animals, similar diversity can be expected.


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    Both Islands have great diversity because they are isolated from the mainland, and have less population drift and more genetic anomalies.  The diversity of the Galapagos is what attracted Charles Darwin to travel and study there for years, watching the plants and animals develop. It was there he identified diversity and organized his thoughts on evolution and the origin of species.

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    The Galapagos are home to nearly 9,000 species, most of which are not found anywhere else like the only penguin in the northern hemisphere, the only ocean-going lizard, giant turtles, marine iguanas and millions of birds like the flightless cormorants besides plants that are able to reproduce without pollination.

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