are there more pesticides on vegetables or fruit?



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    Depending on what kind of fruit or veggie you’re looking at, the amount of pesticide will differ.  Based on a study by FDA, however, peaches were ranked as being the worst when it came to harboring pesticides.  On a scale from 1 to 100, they scored a 100 while apples came in second with a score of 93.  For the full list of fruits and vegetables tested, visit the link cited below.  Otherwise, stay away from mass-produced food and go organic. 

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    Pesticides are used on an as-needed basis, and neither fruits nor vegetables in general are targeted as more vulnerable to pests. In most cases, pesticides tend to be used on fruits and vegetables with the lowest natural defenses, particularly regarding skin thickness. It’s no coincidence that peaches and squash top the list of produce with the highest detected levels of pesticides, and that bananas have among the lowest pesticide levels.

    If going 100 percent organic is too pricey for you but you’re still concerned about your safety and that of your family, try switching to organic foods that are highest on the pesticide radar. Last year I heard a great podcast from staffers on the “Stuff You Should Know” series, and the site is also quite informative, as you can find many reader-friendly articles and other media discussing organic foods.

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