Are there more parts to go wrong on electric vehicles?



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    Electric vehicles actually have a smaller number of moving parts. This means there are less parts that can potentially malfunction!

    Gasoline vehicles have 10 main parts: the gas tank, carborator, smog controls, engine, starter, water pump, exhaust system, gas pump, oil pump, and generator.

    Electric vehicles have 4 main parts: the charger, battery, controller, and motor.

    In the comparison, gasoline vehicles have 40% more parts. However, one part in a gasoline vehicle malfunctioning has only a 10% chance whereas a parts malfunction in an electric car has a 25% of occurring. So to answer your question, gasoline vehicles have more parts, which means more can keep going wrong. Electric vehicles have a lesser number of parts, require less maintenance, and cost less to maintain overall.

    I would encourage you to look at the government comparison of the two cars in the link below!

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