Are there more natural gas mines in America than any other country?



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        The U.S. is first in importing and consuming natural gas, but Russia produces the most. Natural gas makes up 55 percent of Russia’s economy, and Russia also has the most proven reserves of natural gas in the world. 

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    If the question relates to natural gas wells (there really are no natural gas “mines”) then the US probably has more than Russia. There are about 450,000 natural gas wells in the US. Russia can produce more but almost certainly does it from far fewer wells that produce much more per well. This is a similar situation to that for oil – the US has more than half the oil wells on earth, at about 525,000. But our wells only produce an average of 10 barrels of oil per day per well. Saudi Arabia produces more oil but only has around 1000 wells – but each one produces 5000 or more barrels of oil per day.

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