Are there more good things about coal plants than bad things?



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    There are only two good things about coal plants – jobs, and the cheap energy they produce. There is one overriding bad thing about coal plants – when coal is burned, it releases massive amounts of CO2. CO2 is the driving factor behind global warming, which threatens our environment in devastating ways. The general scientific consensus is that we need to halt global warming as best we can, and a big part of doing that is switching from coal to renewable energies like solar and wind, which do not emit CO2. Overall, coal plants are more bad than they are good.

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    There is a large myth that there is actually clean coal. I see commercials for clean coal and that we should power America by it. However, this is false advertising. “Clean coal” is an attempt by the coal industry to try and make itself relevant in the age of renewables. “Clean coal” is the industry’s attempt to “clean up” its dirty image – the industry’s greenwash buzzword. It is not a new type of coal.

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