Are there more eco friendly ways to kill rats than poisoning them?



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    I live in New York City where mice are a big problem. A lot of people prefer humane traps. This site provides eco-friendly rat traps that are deadly to mice, and other rat traps that are humane. The humane ones catch the mouse or rat, but you have to release it more than a mile from your house. It’s said that if you release it within a mile, the rat will be able to find its way back. :/

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    It’s not as dependable, but you can always use a cat. I have a friend who’s family doesn’t have to feed their cat because the cat is constantly hunting rodents such as rats. Not only is this an eco friendly and natural solution, but it also minimizes the amount of cat food you must buy- an action which is also eco-friendly.

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    Rat poison, particularly in the outdoors, is dangerous due to the possibility of other small animals consuming it. For instance, we have chipmunks and squirrels everywhere in our area and it’d be terrible if they accidentally ate the poison. Traps can a humane alternative, as letusgambol suggested, but sometimes people don’t have the patience – or the consideration – to avoid killing the rats. In my experience, cats are a temporary deterrent but not a long-term solution, and if the rats are carrying diseases (more often than not) it can be harmful to the cat.

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