Are there micro-organisms that can survive within volcanoes?



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    Yes, although not within the magma itself. A study released this March showed that scientists had found microorganisms living near the rim of the 19,850-foot-high Socompa volcano in the Andes. They live on gases released by the volcano. There’s also been a lot of research into life near underwater volcanoes. Hydrothermal vents on submarine volcanoes release dissolved metals and gases, which support the growth of microorganisms. Larger macro-organisms such as shrimp, barnacles, tube worms, crabs, and fish then graze the microbial organisms.

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    In 1995, NOAA discovered a bacteria-like organism in an underwater volcano near Hawaii. Thermotoga can survive temperatures up to 90C and has adapted to survive in hot springs and hydrothermal vents. They can also survive around underwater hydrothermal vents that get up to 160C more then 1000m under the sea.

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