Are there metals in smog?



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    Lead can be present in smog. It is mainly added to the atmosphere from vehicle emissions using leaded fuels. It can also be present in smog due to incineration and remodeling of houses using lead paint. Other main components of smog are particulates, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.

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    Yes, lead can somtimes be present in smog, however, since lead was phazed out of gasoline, it hasn’t been as much of a problem. This happened in the 1980’s. Before that smog inhalation could be very very dangerous, especially for small children.

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    Besides lead being present in the atmosphere through gasoline, it is also used in producing car tyres and so can be present in the atmosphere . By burning of tyres or tearing and wearing of tyres can still introduce metals in the atmosphere which then makes it be present in the smog.

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