Are there a lot of job openings for solar installers?



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    I ran an internet search for “jobs for solar installers” which turned up 748 openings at and 360 at nationwide.  Some of those are bound to be overlaps, but it’s also certain that many job openings for solar installers will not be listed on those sites.  Solar and other renewable energies are gaining popularity, and the number of jobs for solar installers will surely rise, especially as we work our way out of the recession.  You can find more listings on,, and in your local newspaper.

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    Not sure which part of the country you are in or would have an interest for solar installation, but Bechtel and BrightSource are two companies from California and Arizona who are partnering on a HUGE solar project.  Chethese companies should have a lot of opportunity for solar installation positions, if not now, very soon.

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