Are there a lot of great white sharks in the waters off the coast of Australia?



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    Great white sharks are actually classified as “vulnerable” in Austrailian waters, and reports indicate that the great white shark population suffers from long term decline in population numbers  globally and off of Australia.

    More specifically, great whites range from southern Queensland, around the southern coastline to the Northwest Cape in Western Australia.


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    While Australia is a “hot spot” for great whites, there have only been 50 confirmed great white attacks in Australia from 1876 to 2008.  Only 27 were fatal.  As stated above, there are more great whites in Australia than many other parts of the world, but the animal is still quite rare.

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    Great white sharks livein almost all coastal and offshore waters with water temperatures that range between 54 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of these coasts are Australia, California and New Mexico with South Africa having the densest known population. Currently there are over 500 tagged great white sharks in australian waters. Researchers satellite tag these sharks in order to conduct research and monitor their movement. 


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