Are there a lot of eco fashion designers in New York?



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    Since it is now Fashion Week in New York this is a timely question.  There are various eco-friendly fashion designers in New York and many more are expected to become more popular in the coming years.  Also, some well-known designers are incorporating eco-friendly designs into their collections and may use fabrics such as organic cotton.

    There is something this year and the last, at Fashion Week called the GreenShows, featuring, solely, eco-friendly designers. 

    Samantha Pleet is one designer who was featured in the GreenShows last year and is showing again this year.  She focuses on girly details with classic silhouettes and recycled materials.

    Another good collection featured at the GreenShows is Bright Young Things.  Headed by Eliza Starbuck, Bright Young Things like to take classics such as the little black dress, and reinvent them.

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