Are there a lot of earthquakes in Africa?



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    It does not appear that there are a lot of earthquakes in Africa.  Looking at the fault line map, Africa seems to be basically on its own plate, so there are likely mainly earthquakes that originate in the ocean surrounding the land mass of Africa.  Looking at the eartquakes reported on the USGS website for Africa there are only 5 on the map within the last week, and I do not see any that are actually centered in Africa.

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    Comparatively, it doesn’t seem like Africa is hit any worse than other areas of the world.  There are an estimated several million earthquakes per year according to the USGS, and most go unnoticed or undetected.  As of 2002 there had been over 50 earthquake events in Africa since 1980 resulting in more than 23,000 deaths and injuries.  The magnitude of these quakes were not given in the source.  To compare, in 2000 there were 69 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0-6.9 in America alone.

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    Africa is really two main plates – East Africa and the rest of the continent. The zone of separation, the East Africa Rift Zone, is seismically active and has active volcanoes too.

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