Are there literature books made of recycled paper?



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    Yes, actually many companies produce their books with recycled paper. It is quite common.

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    Luckily, yes! Random House, which you may know as a leader book publisher in the U.S., announced a few years ago that by 2010, it would raise its propotional use of recycled paper to at least 30% (at least a ten-fold increase). Scholastic will increase its use of recycled paper to 25% by 2012. There are many more examples of this trend.

    The second link I am citing below has some really fascinating statistics about all of this.

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    Greenpeace also has a really cool initiative to help encourage the use of recycled paper in the publishing industry. They are trying to promote “ancient forest friendly” paper; that is, paper that does not come from old growth forests but rather comes from recycled or sustainably produced sources. They’ve partnered with many big-name authors, including Ian Rankin, JK Rowling, Isabel Allende, and Günter Grass to help promote the initiative, and since 2000 in Canada over 6 million books have been produced using recycled paper, 9 new kinds of paper that are ancient forest friendly have been created for use in books, and many new authors have signed on with the project.

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