Are there likely to be wars over water in the future?



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    Perhaps in undeveloped countries that need large amounts of fresh water for agriculture, but I doubt that water wars will occur in developed nations. Right now, developed nations face water shortages because they are careless with their water. I believe that we will see people making and using distillers for sea water rather than fighting over supplies of fresh water. Water can be distilled in small or large quantities using heat from the sun.

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    I definitely think there will be water wars in the future. The great lakes states and Canada have made pacts not to sell water to foreign countries. Ohio has already been asked by several countries to sell its water. Many countries and states are suffering from drought that historically haven’t. With rising population and pollution of existing water sources, I would not be surprised if tension begins to rise over food and water. Over a billion people are living in areas with water scarcity. 

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