Are there laws on how close you can build to the ocean?



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    I don’t know for sure and was not able to find the exact rules, which probably differ by city/state, but I would bet there are rules.  Many beach houses are behind public beaches, so you would have to allow for the public space there. Additionally, you would have to allow for the tides, so there is likely a certain number of feet from the high tide point that you are allowed to build.  I do know that many towns have laws on this with lake homes, but many of the older lake homes where my cabin is located have been grandfathered in with building permits.

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    Many coastal towns and cities have building restrictions as part of the zoning laws.  These often include provisions for public access to the beach through private property, restrictions on sea walls and other such construction that may affect coastal ecosystems, as well as limits on how close one may build in reference to the shoreline as a safety precaution.  There are often also restrictions when homes are built on cliff sides or other eroding areas.

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