Are there laws against air pollution?



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    Yes.  Laws concerning air pollution have existed as far back as 1306 when King Edward I of England banned the burning of sea coal in London because of the smoke it produced.  In the US, the first major set of laws against air pollution came with the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955 which has since been evolving and is now referred to the Clean Air Act.  According to the EPA, the Clean Air Act is the ‘law that defines the EPA’s responibilities for improving and protecting the nation’s air quality’.  The last major ammendment took place in 1990.  Check out the second URL to read up on the specific laws.

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    There are laws in place regulating emissions factories and power plants can produce and release to the atmosphere. Many take measures to reduce their operating emissions  to offset their pollution.

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    Yes. There have been multiple government mandates aimed at reducing air pollution in the last century. One of the first was  the 1955 Air Pollution Control Act (APCA), which was the first Federal law against air pollution. the APCA was replaced by the Clean Air Act (CAA) in 1963. In 1965, the Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act (MVAPCA) was passed to make car manufacturers meet established emission standards, and , five years later, in 1970, the CAA was amended to create the CAAA. These last two acts represent our most recent Federal legislation to curb air pollution.

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