Are there laws against hunting and eating dolphins?



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    Yes. There are international treaties and there are also specific laws forbidding it in the US. There have been changes to the process used for fishing tuna, just to avoid catching dolphins as well. They started the “dolphin safe” labeling on tuna to alert the public about which brands were not using the safer methods.

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    There are laws and treaties against fishing and eating dolphin meat, but it apparently does not stop all countries from the forbidden practice.  In Peru dolphin meat is sold as “sea pork” and Japanese fishers routinely kill dolphins as they view them as a pest and predator for the fish they want to catch for selling and eating.

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    Dolphins are commonly eaten in Japan and have been for hundreds of years.  Specifically in Taiji, Japan, dolphin meat is a traditional part of their diet, and this comes into conflict with Western attitudes toward the dolphin.  It is also pointed out that dolphins are slaughtered in inhumane manners (see the link for details).

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