Are there batteries large enough to power a building?



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    I don’t think there are currently any yet, but there is a trend in building design of leaving room for a battery for when the technology becomes better. The Solaire in New York City is one such example, while they have enough alternative sources to offset some costs, they can’t function on alternative energy alone. They chose not to install a battery to collect energy from their solar panels so that they could install a smaller more efficient one that could store power.

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    When it comes to powering a building, it does not matter how large the battery, but the overall energy capacity of a battery system.

    Batteries – even if they are too small to power a building alone – can be connected in series, which effectively creates one large battery. I.e., one large battery is the same thing as multiple small batteries.

    In this sense, it is certainly possible to construct a rechargable battery bank with enough voltage to power a building. The size of the battery bank would vary according to the building’s size and how the building is used.

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