Are there just as many species of plants in a cold forest?



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    The taiga, or boreal forest, is the largest biome in the world, covering Europa, Asia, and North America. It is known for very cold, snowy winters and warm rainy summers. This weather does not make this biome home to as many plant species as tropical or deciduous forests, but it does host a large population of insect species.

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    No there are not. As the temperature rises the environment is able to support more and more life – both flora and fauna. From cold forests, to forests more deciduous in nature, to the largest collection of life, rainforests. The sun and warmer temperatures allow for a broader range and more numerous plants to survive as there is a greater abundance of energy. Since there are more plants it attracts more animals that eat plants; as it attracts more animals that eat plants, it attracts more animals that eat animals. Which is the underlying reason to why warmer, wet places have and can support more life – whether it be insects, ferns, mammals, trees, reptiles, or other.

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