Are there human vampires?



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    There’s certainly a small subculture of people, generally interested in the occult, who claim to be “real” vampires. There’s a lot of anecdotal information about this subculture available on “real” vampire websites online but there doesn’t really seem to be any scholarly or medical information to back these people’s claims (and the so-called “scientific” explanations by which they claim this is supposed to work don’t exactly read as authoritative or even particularly plausible), so I’d take any claims that vampires walk among us with a hefty grain of salt.

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    The legend of ‘vampires feeding on human blood, once bitten the person turns into a vampire and starts feasting on the blood of others as well has long been debunked. But there are small groups of people that refer to themselves as HLV’s or Human Living Vampires. They are no different from a regular human being. Most look very normal, they don’t claim immortality or anything, it is just that they have a “compulsion, or involuntary tendency to ‘feed’ upon some substance or some kind of energy produced by other living things, primarily other people” – and that is their blood.

    National Geographic even came up with a documentary about these HLV’s. According to them these people do not prey on the innocent. They go about their activities in the privacy of their own homes, and only consume blood from consenting donors. This is almost true for all of them at least. Watch the documentary (available in the 2nd link below) to understand this better. Some HLV’s also claim to have heightened sense of things but still live within the limits of human norms.

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