Are there health benefits besides getting in shape to hiking?



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    Yes there are many benefits to hiking. Along with getting in shape you will lose weight and help prevent heart disease. Hiking burns up to 370 calories an hour. Hiking will also decrease your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure. Hiking will increase your bone strength, reduce depression and stress levels, and provide better learning in school and better sleep at night.

    The air you breath while hiking is also generally much better than the air in large cities and metropolis’.

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    In addition to physical health benefits, hiking can help clear your head and give you a good opportunity to reflect on your life. Hiking is a wonderful way to see many different beautiful places. I often take my digital camera on hikes so I can take photographs and use them for references for artwork later on. Hiking can also be a good way to spend some time with someone. Going uphill is also a great way to tone up your leg muscles!

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